Infant Program - 8 weeks – 18 months

 Our infant program is sensitive to the individual development required to complete this work. This growth occurs as the child reaches out on his own initiative to explore and interact with the world around him. Here at MCC we have prepared an environment that is safe, nurturing and challenging. The infants are encouraged in their own natural development. They are allowed freedom to explore and interact at their own pace. The infant caregivers have been trained to observe and respect the unique abilities and needs of each child. They are loving, quiet, patient, and respectful, consistently dealing with the child so he is aware of both our expectations and limits. The infant program is a natural preparation for the progression of optimal development within the Montessori community.

Toddler Program - 18 months – 3 years

Our toddler program is created to gently hold these energies and allow the child to continue his development to reach full potential. The toddler environment contains a child-sized world aimed at cultivating order, confidence, concentration and independence. The implementation of Montessori philosophies encourages the developments of large and small motor skills, language, social skills and the mastering of bodily functions. The schedule allows the toddler the opportunity to explore and master his world at his own pace. Our staff is trained to nurture and assist, as well as, knowing when to step back and allow for the flexibility in support the child this age demands. The toddlers’ credo is; “Help me do it myself.” The successes and accomplishments acquired in the toddler room build a strong connection for the child to take into the pre-school classroom.



Pre-primary Program - Ages 3 – 6 years

Our classrooms are a carefully constructed, prepared environment enticing the child to work in the four areas of curriculum; practical life, sensorial, language, and math. The child works according to his urges and inner drive exploring and learning in a peaceful atmosphere. As he moves forward through the curriculum his progress is self-paced and open-ended. The schedule immerses the child into this rich environment exposing him not only to language and math but also science, geography, art, music, gym, Spanish, as well as, grace and courtesy, socialization and the skills to manage conflicts peacefully. The pre-primary classroom endows the child socially and academically. The strong foundation built here in independence, order, concentration, confidence, and independence stay with the child throughout his academic career.

Elementary Program - Ages 6 – 9 years

In the elementary classroom the child continues on his self-directed path to full development. The elementary Montessori classroom is multi-aged allowing each child to learn from and lead each other. This atmosphere fosters community and cooperation forming our student into both team members and confident leaders. The students continue to work at their own levels and their studies are open-ended. The schedule allows ample opportunity for the child to work in all areas of study; language, mathematics, geography, science, spelling, and history. In addition, the creative arts program includes art, music, gym and Spanish. The elementary classroom is aimed at developing the whole person with a firm foundation in self-motivation and a strong confidence in their own abilities. These skills stay with the student long after they leave our school.



Summer Program

Our summer day camps and workshops offer a variety of learning experiences for children ages 3 – 12. Enrollment is open to all children. We offer theme related day camps where children encounter many exciting, as well as, educational projects. The age appropriate workshops are designed for the 3 -12 year old. Our goal is to assist in the development of social, intellectual and physical skills. The older child will enjoy workshops directed at promoting self-esteem, leadership, and responsibility in a fun and safe social environment.

Extra Curricular Activities

We offer additional activities such as social dances, choir, pom-pom and dance. Most activities are open to children ages 3 – 9.